As OS 7 and more have arrived - this page is not entirely updated! HOWEVER all the same basic rules still apply just some apps and locations have changed!


To LOG in to the wireless (GSD Secure... use your regular computer login & password AND Accept the Certificate!
When you are finished click on WiFi / GSD Secure (blue arrow) and "Forget this Network". If you do NOT "Forget the Network" the next student who uses the iPad will be logged in as YOU!

Your experience while using the iPads will be best if you create accounts at the following websites. Many of the APPS you will come across sync with or save to these on-line applications / websites. You will then be able to continue your work on a computer or turn your work in to your teacher. However please also make sure you get your parents permission to create accounts at these sites. More details about why is found throughout this website.
  • Dropbox - - On-line file storage
  • Evernote - notes organized into notebooks that syncs every where. And E-mail.
  • Google - (g-mail may be what you call it - but it is a lot more than that!)
  • And others as needed (Animoto, ShowMe, Sundry...

When creating accounts... here are my recommendations:

  • Be sure it is okay with your parents.
  • DO NOT use personal data (address, phone, birth date, family data, credit card info....)
  • Use the same USERNAME, as much as possible. I have two (or three) identities that I use for all my on-line registrations.
  • Use a **SECURE** password. (<-- Click for ideas) If you do write it down... DO NOT write down what it is for or your username!
  • Read the sign-up carefully! UN-CHECK the boxes that you are requesting e-mails and other data sent to you.

While I will try to inform you on how to use most of the apps please keep in mind that "Updates Happen" and things change. Which is why I will not go into great details on how to use the apps. Instead I will focus on some of their key feature and how to use them in the classroom.