These are apps to create things. The ultimate goal is to be able to save it to Google Docs, Dropbox, or Evernote. Or present it in class right right away. This page is not intended for detailed instructions on the APPs but rather ideas on how to use them and get the project saved. Some of the APPs may have details.
Sundry Notes
**Content is under Whiteboards page**
NoteMaster Lite
What -
Pulls from -
Saves to -
Now What -
Example Assignment -
Cool Features -
Cons -
Office HD
What - Word processing, Presentation, Spreadsheet that opens in MS Office
Pulls from - Dropbox, Google and other sources
Saves to - Dropbox, Google and other sources and locally
Now What - Do your work and save it to where you can access it.
How to Turn it in -
  • Save to Google Docs turn in via Canvas
  • Save to Google Docs share with teacher
  • Plug your iPad in and Present it in class.
  • Save online - get to computer e-mail/print it.
  • Save via File Sharing to teacher
Example Assignment - any of your same assignments you can do using a Word Processor. Best Practices would be to get started on your assignments in class save it on-line then finish it up on the computer.

Cool Features -
  • The ability to save to so many other places on-line.
  • Saves to many options.
  • Swipe the toolbar for options.
Cons -
  • At times it seems to have issues saving on-line in some circumstances. Have more than one option. If Google Docs does not work for you try your Dropbox account.
  • Do not store YOUR files here.... Other students will have access to them.
  • SAVE OFTEN! (in case of crashes!)
  • Presentation DOES not mirror to the projector... yet.
  • Yes, there are better (more expensive) Word Processing APPS out there but this one suffices for what we need to do.
The Trunk
What - Does Everything! but not very creative! See the link on the left also. It's an APP, a website, and an application on your computer.

Pulls from - n/a
Saves to - facebook, twitter, e-mail, copy link
Now What - save work to your public folder. Give your teacher your URL
Example Assignment - Geez, - Just about anything you can type, voice record take pictures...
Cool Features -
  • Notes can be a wide variety of types (audio, video, clippings, typed, emailed...)
  • Sharing (but it does need to be set up)
  • Other apps sync to this.
  • Creates notebooks (folders) and notes (files).
  • Many apps are also Evernote "friendly"
  • Saves from e-mail and browser plug-ins.
  • Check out trunk for more evernote apps.
Cons -
  • Not a "fun" app but can be very productive
  • small ads in our free version
Dragon Dictation
Content is on the Productivity A V page.
It is a MUST use app for all! Please check it out - You can thank me later.
Google Docs
See the Google
App page too

What - Not really an app by itself... yet. This is just a link
Pulls from - Google
Saves to - Google
Now What - I have found that I had to switch between the Mobile and Desktop versions to find and use features.
Here is the issue. The mobile version is a little more streamlined with some things missing to give you more screen space. But that means some links and buttons are missing!
Example Assignment -
Cool Features -
  • Access to your documents at home and at... ANYWHERE!
  • Upload your current Documents and get them at home
  • Sharing.
Cons -
  • Not quite as powerful as MS Office but all that you need
What - Yet another way to take notes in class.
Pulls from - n/a
Saves to - Google
Now What - Save it to Google Docs - now share it, turn it in via Canvas....
Example Assignment - Any type of word processing you need to do.
Cool Features -
  • Insert images from camera, photos or DRAW your own.
  • Simple interface
  • Some formatting.
  • Great instructions
Cons - Not sure what the limitations are on the free version yet. Did not see any on the website or how to "Purchase"
Comic Book
What - Comic Creator
Pulls from - Camera, Photos
Saves to - FB, Twitter e-mail, Photos.
Now What - Upload to Dropbox, Insert into Office HD save to Google.
Example Assignment / Ideas - Create a fun graphic showing characters and some of their quotes. Find pictures from internet first. Save to Photos. Create your own graphics using doodle buddy (other APP) and pull them in to this app. Take your own pictures of things (book covers, characters, bulletin board...) and use those in your comic.
Cool Features -
  • Has a wide variety of combination to create a comic strip.
  • Stickers
  • Export as .pdf, to dropbox or photos
Cons -
  • The update version salves to a folder. You may now go back in and edit past Comics. Assuming you saved them!
  • Does not export to on-line services
Story Kit
What - Yet another way to take notes in class.Pulls from - n/a
Saves to - iPad
Now What - ?
Example Assignment - Create a book to explain part of a section of your text or assignment.
Cool Features -
  • Great easy to use book creator.
  • Audio
  • Drawing
Cons -
  • iPhone app (small)
  • Only shares by e-mail. You book is stuck on THAT iPad.
Cloud On
Taken off iPads
Not impressed with this app. Unreliable and too complex...