This Day
What - This Day in History (by Worldbook). Pretty straight forward and not fancy. Pick a day and learn what happened on the day in history!
Pulls from - World Book Encyclopedia
Saves to - n/a
Now What - Nothing you can do with the info except take a screenshot of it and use it somewhere else.
Example Assignment -
As a self starter Have students write about an event in history that happened that day. Have them respond in Canvas or they can type notes and submit through dropbox or google docs.
Cool Features -
  • Good content!?
  • You can skip ahead days so that you can plan in advance to include this app in your lesson plan
Cons -
  • Nothing you can do with the information.
  • Most events seem to focus around specific people instead of events. Info might be too focused.
What - The Declaration of Independence
Pulls from - n/a
Saves to - Copy and Paste, screen shot
Now What - Not much to do with it but read it and learn!
Example Assignment -
Cool Features -
  • Be sure to check out the Painting and the Guide for it!
Cons -
  • A great document but boring app
What - It's the Constitution!
Pulls from - n/a
Saves to - Copy and Paste, Screen shots
Now What - Use parts of the constitution to support your assignments
Example Assignment - Given certain circumstances which Articles or Amendments of the constitution would they fall under...
Cool Features -
  • Be sure to check out the Painting and the Guide for it!
Cons -
  • Ads,
  • not too much fun.
World Facts
What - Pick a Country and find out details about it.
Pulls from - where can it get data from
Saves to - n/a Copy and Paste
Now What - Copy any data you need and paste it where you need it.
Example Assignment - Compare these 4 countries and the languages they speak...
Cool Features - Pretty basic and simple to use app. I like that it even has a map feature to find where the country is.
Cons - iPod App, Ads!
The Revolution
What - An interactive textbook of the American Revolution. Complete with quizzes, flashcards, hypertext
Pulls from - app
Saves to - take screen shots of data is needed
Now What - Use some of this content to do your assignment or study...
Example Assignment - Read pages x-x and study the flashcards for a quiz.
Cool Features -
  • Interactive. Not just reading.
  • It was created as "Senior Project" and is only one Chapter long!
History Maps
of the World
What - Old Historical Maps. Browse by Category or Era or Search.
Pulls from - n/a
Saves to - n/a, Screen Shots
Now What - Compare then and now maps
Example Assignment - Compare different maps from different time periods.
Cool Features -
  • Maps are pretty high resolution
  • zoomable
World_History.jpgWorld HistoryTextbook

What - World History Textbook IT IS IN iBOOKS (Open iBooks)
Pulls from - iBooks
Saves to - Notes, e'mail
Now What - Read your book on an iPad
Example Assignment -
Cool Features -
  • Yes it is your textbook!
  • Interactive images and movies.
Cons -
  • Notes only saves to e-mail... which is blocked
  • Take screen shots save to Dropbox.
  • Use Evernote for your notes..
Screen Shot 2012-11-20 at 3.23.53 PM.png
White House
What - White House
Pulls from - n/a
Saves to - n/a
Now What - Find info you want take a Screen Shot.
Example Assignment - Have the students critically examine a photo from the White House and then use picture edit app to have them create a response on the picture. save photo to dropbox and have them submit
Cool Features -
  • Access to blogs, photos, videos, briefing room and some live coverage.
Cons -
  • There is a lot of information it seems overwhelming and could be difficult to pick one.

What -
Pulls from -
Saves to -
Now What -
Example Assignment -
Cool Features -
Cons -