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These apps are either closed due to the ease of goofing around (facetime, messages) or the security of your (and others) personal information (e-mail). If there are specific requests from teachers maybe would could open them up. But general student population... No.
Why it is not open?
It is normally associated with e-mail. So see e-mail!
Work around - Use your online web-based e-mail/Contacts
Game Center
Why it is not open?
I don't think I need to explain this one.
Work around - None, get back to work! :)
Why it is not open ?
It is fed from your Calendar and other Personal Apps
Work around - Canvas!
Why it is not open?
Again fed by YOUR personal e-mail account
Work around - Canvas!
Why it is not open?
Too easy for you to text others instead of working!
Work around - I am sure you'll find one! ;)
Why it is not open?
If you were to set up an account and forget to log out of it on the iPad then the next person to use the iPad would have access to your e-mail and contacts and other personal information about you and YOUR contacts. Too risky. Could I set up a generic e-mail account on each iPad. Yes, but then you can send anonymous e-mail to anyone and we do not want that either.

Work around
Use your online web-based e-mail/
Could it ever be open? Sure, but it must come from a teacher in a class that is using the iPads consistently and can be sure each student will be responsible and delete the account when they are finished.

But many of the app files need to be e-mailed. Yep. Instead either use Dropbox, Google or Evernote to save your file on-line. Then get the link and go to your web based e-mail and mail the link. This is explained in the various apps.
Facetime (not shown)
Why it is not open?
To easy to just goof around with others.
Work around - look across the room to the person!
Teacher - do you want it open for a lesson. Awesome. Let me know and it will be done!
Why is it not used? You don't need it. No music on the iPads anyway!