To check out the iPads cart you need to use your Outlook Calendar. Below are the instructions.

To Add the Calendar
  1. In Outlook. On the left, click on Calendar
  2. At the top click on Open Calendar and chose "Open Shared Calendar"
  3. Click on "Name"
  4. Type in (Search) for Olympus (DO NOT hit enter!) This will take you down the list to "Olympus..."
  5. Double click on the Calendar you want (you should already have Olympus Media Lab and/or the laptops...). There are quite a few buy want to any Olympus Sr. iPad carts. Double click it.
  6. Then hit OK.

The calendar now shows up on the left under Shared Calendars.
  1. Click on the Calendar. If other colors or calendars show up on top (or next to) each other it is because they are checked. You can un-check them (on the left) and only view what you want to view.
  2. Double Click in the date you want to check them out.
  3. In the Subject box type the period and your name. Period and your name. 3B Manning. Leave it as an "All day Event".
  4. Leave the location box blank.
  5. Click "Save and Close"

Come get the iPads when you need them. Carts are located in the Media Center SW or storeroom but it may also be in another teachers room if they have them checked out. Return the cart at the end of the day.

Please also remember the rules of 4 when checking them out.... "...
  • 4 periods (a day)
  • 4 days at a time (no more than 4 days in row)
  • 4 weeks in advance. (don't check them out more than 4 weeks in advance)

However. that being said we also want them being used. Please police yourselves on this.

Keep in mind that if you want me to help please make arrangements beforehand. Also be sure YOU and YOUR Students read the home page of this Wiki!

Happy Padding!