gr_home1.pngOops. I forgot to create this folder on the iPad but the apps are still there!
There are many Camera apps and most have some special options. Below is what we have on our iPads and how you could use them. Keep in mind there are some other APPS that allow you to use the camera but it is NOT their main function. Use these camera apps and put the photos into other applications such as Splice, Comic Book... There are A LOT of camera apps out there. Most are much better than these basic few but many are not free. See also... Productivity A V

If you take a bunch of photos please be sure to DELETE THEM!

What - This is the Camera App that comes with the device. While it does work just fine there is nothing special or fancy about it.
Pulls from - n/a
Saves to - Photos
Now What - Use your photos in your other APPS. Delete photos you take or do not need anymore. To save your photos "permanently" - Open Dropbox and upload them to YOUR dropbox folder.
Example Assignment - take pictures in class to show examples of "x" in class. Save the pictures into an app to complete the assignment
Cool Features -
  • Some editing but not much
  • takes video
Cons -
  • All photos saved to Photos
  • Everyone has access to to all photos and to delete them
What - Face Time is turned off! BUT I can turn it on if a teacher has a use for it.
Pulls from - n/a
Saves to - Does not save at all!
Now What - n/a
Example Assignment -
Cool Features -
  • Video Conferencing!
Cons -
  • It does not take picture
  • It also may not work here at school.
  • You do need to sign in to use it and the "Accounts" has been disabled on the lab iPads.
  • If there is a reason (for school) to open this up let me know.
What - Photobooth
Pulls from - n/a
Saves to - Photos
Now What - Use the photos in another app to complete your assignment.
Example Assignment - Thermal Camera could be used productively in a science room...
Cool Features -
  • Some of the editing tools
Cons -
  • It can waste a lot of time.
What - Panoramic Camera (Samples)
Pulls from - n/a
Saves to - Photos,, ( account)
Now What - user the photo in your assignment or as the assignment
Example Assignment - Use to take a photo of tall buildings, wide scenes, 360 hall shots. Be creative
Cool Features -
  • Panoramic photos. Saves to or Windows live and saves to Photos.
  • The edges of the photos line up automatically to take the next shot.
  • Great for landscapes or big wide or even tall photos
  • Uploads to a .live account for panoramic viewing.
Cons -
  • a great tool for scenery but may not do the scene justice on a small screen
  • Upload to Photosynth but view on big screen!
Also see the page called Productivity A V there are a lot of V (video) apps there too.

Many apps also access the camera.
What -
Pulls from -
Saves to -
Now What -
Example Assignment -
Cool Features -

Cons -