A browser is an APP that "browses" websites and access the internet. Here are some browsers and why you want to use them. Please do not save any bookmarks with expectations of them being there next time you use an iPad. Any links you need often I will put on our website. You'll need to go there and click on them! The apps at the top are on our iPads. Any links below are just other links to apps.
Safari is your default browser.
  • It will work the best and is probably the most stable.
  • It works fine but has no special features or functions that will help you do anything special
  • Please do not add bookmarks to the Bookmarks Bar or the home screen.

There are a lot of
other features that
I am not going to
tell you about!
Side by Side (we do NOT have this) but I dont want to delete this info yet!
This browser allows you open up to 4 browser window at the same time.
And has a notes function
And stores files (websites)
And saves those files to Dropbox!

Here's How -
  1. Open 2 Windows. One Browser (webpage) and one Notes page that you can type in. Copy what you need to (URL, information) from the browser and paste it into the Notes window. Or just type what ever you need to in the Notes Window. Your file will be saved/called whatever your first few words as so make them relevant. + the date and time. It is .txt file which means there is nothing fancy and any Word Processor will be able to open it..
  2. Click on the "S" (top right) and go to "Files"
  3. Click on "Files" (top left) and chose your file. You CANNOT edit your file (you have to edit your notes!)
  4. Click on the Downward Curving Arrow on the right and "Open In" Office HD (or something else) and save your work to your Google Docs.
You can also save your notes to DropBox!
  1. Click the "S".
  2. Click the "i"
  3. Click the Dropbox icon and log in.
  4. Click on Sync!
  5. When you go to your Dropbox account your file will be in a folder called SideBySide
  1. Click on the Link button again!
Yes the APP is also a browser
  • It is quick access to your Google Apps (Docs) Crashes often.
  • You can voice search (if your too lazy to type!) Works OK, but would not trust it
  • Search by pictures (cool but not accurate!)
How to use it productively - Dont!
  1. Sign in to access your Docs. A new Tab opens. I have found that "Edit in Desktop" version works best. Click the "Arrows" on the right side. I have also found that it crashes often. When I get the error to reload the page. CANCEL works best! - Go figure.
  2. You can access "the web" in the other tab. - But you cannot get back to your open Doc! Dumb.
  3. It is nice how the links open in new tabs.
  4. Due to its Crashing I would NOT trust creating/working on a Google Doc using this App! (Weird I know).
  5. The browser works well though
What - A browser which is two Browsers!Pulls from - Web
Saves to - N/A
Now What - Great for pairs to look simultaneous. But it means you will be close!
Example Assignment - Web work..
Cool Features - Two people, one devices
Cons - Both browsers face the same way. Does NOT save other than links.
What - Chrome... Googles Browser
Pulls from - web
Saves to - Google
Now What -
Example Assignment -
Cool Features - Log in in a different location... pull up those open websites. See your bookmarks from other devices.
Cons - Do NOT forget to log out! Top right corner, 3 bars, Setting, Log Out! KEEP TOUCHING UNTIL YOU FIND "Disconnect Account"
What - A web Browser "For Education"
Pulls from - web
Saves to - n/a
Now What - n/a
Example Assignment -
Cool Features -
  • Fabulous browser No gimmicks! Works like a web browser.
  • Wikispaces looks like a website again.
  • Gradebook works with iOS6.
  • Full Screen mode
  • Thumb buttons
Cons -
  • To find <saved> bookmarks you must go to "Organize Bookmarks"
  • No highlight mode for presenting
What - A Browser for presenting
Pulls from - web and files saved there from "Open In" pdf's.
Saves to - n/a
Now What - n/a
Example Assignment - Great for presenting as your finger touch is a pointer.
Cool Features -
  • File sharing
  • Drawing
  • Pointer on site. Remember there is no mouse when showing your screen!
Cons - More features cost money
  • Must remember to select and re-select Pointer/Browse/Draw functions.
  • Dropbox
  • Google Docs

What -
Pulls from -
Saves to -
Now What -
Example Assignment -
Cool Features -
Cons -