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I am not a big fan of books on an iPad for a classroom simply because there are so many other things to do with an iPad in the classroom! BUT, they do have their purpose - so learn how to use some of them! Some of these books from these apps need to be downloaded or "checked out" so the book apps work much better on YOUR personal devices - not lab iPads. But here is how to use the more popular ones.
What - This is the APP that allows you to read books checked out from a "real library"
Saves to - Your account on this device
Now What - READ your book!
Example Assignment - Check out a book from the library or use one of the freebooks to read...
Cool features -
  • No late fees.
  • Books disappear when they're due!
  • Read your book on your OWN device.
  • Audiobooks!
Here is a link to the Media Center page with instructions on how to use Overdrive.
Con's -
  • Best used on YOUR own device not a public/lab device.
  • Each time you restart the app it takes you back a few minutes
What - This is the website to see which books we have available on Overdrive
Pulls from - Granite School District Library
Saves to - Your device
Now What - READ your book!
Example Assignment - Check out a book from the library and...
Cool Features -
  • Granite District has more YA books than the Public Library!
  • Enjoy them as reading or audiobooks.
Cons -
  • none!
What - QuickReader is a great tool for keeping you focused on your reading.
Pulls from - Many online "Free book" resources
Saves to - Your device
Now What - READ your book at YOUR speed
Example Assignment - Find out your reading speed
Cool Features -
  • Speed reading test
  • Speed reading mode keeps your eyes focused on the words to read.
  • Many sources to download books from. Various versions of the app from the store.
  • Great tool to encourage speed reading.
  • Set it up to highlight words as you read.
Cons -
  • Numerous versions of this App and some are not free
What - iBooks. Apples answer to the Kindle!
Pulls from - internet or you can put your own books / epubs / pdfs there
Saves to - copy and paste data, screen shots. Depends on Book
Now What - READ your book!
Example Assignment - Read your book! Save notes as screenshots upload picture to your Dropbox account.
Cool Features -
  • Some free books
  • Have you seen your US History Book yet?
  • Ability to build a .pdf collection here.
  • Top left touch "Collections" and see the books that are already there.
  • Look at the books that are already there!
Cons -
  • It is a public app and will not save your personal place in your books. Books are expensive.
  • iBooks are NOT like apps are a little harder to manage.
  • Do NOT purchase any on this device.
What - Kindles are great, the Kindle app is great.
Pulls from - Your account at Amazon
Saves to - Your device
Now What - READ your book!
Example Assignment - I would not use this app on a lab machine as students will NEED to log in to Amazon...
Cool Features -
  • Syncs your page number with other devices you are reading on
  • Easy purchases from Amazon
  • Works with OverDrive to download for Kindle
Cons -
  • Hard to read for long period of time on an iPad.
  • This is NOT your iPad! So DO NOT log in and download any books.
  • If you use it and log in to YOUR account and forget to log out. Someone next period may be able to purchase books under your name. ;(
Destiny Quest
What - Destiny Quest. Our (Granite District Library Catalog)
Pulls From - Our Library
Saves to - Your School Library account. Create your account HERE on the website. (Barcode = Student #)
Now What - Use it to look for books, build book lists, check what you have out, Renew your own books
Example Assignment - Have students write a review for their books. The review will be published and others can see it.
Cool Features -
  • Renew your own books.
  • Check your fines
Cons -
  • Can only renew once!
  • Can't pay fines just check them!
Other Books
There are also many books that are their own apps such as.

Many are interactive and make the read quite interesting