• is an App on a portable device
  • is an application you can install on your computer
  • is a website.
  • has plug-ins that work with your browser and e-mail. Install it on your computer see it on our iPad!
Assuming you are logged in each of these things syncs to each other and all of your stuff is on all of your things. Pretty cool - but what does the APP do?

BONUS - You can e-mail Evernote Notes! Create your note, add what you need to... type your work, answer the teachers questions, etc. click the arrow at the bottom of the note and chose e-mail. It does NOT use the iPad e-mail but Evernote's e-mail! You do NOT need to e-mail it to yourself but make sure do sync your notes so you can access them from your other devices.

It takes notes and stores then in Notebooks (folders). Notes can be;
  • typed
  • spoken (assuming you have a microphone - iPad does)
  • video recording (assuming you have video - iPad does)
  • pictures (assuming you have a camera - iPad does)
  • geo tagged (location)
  • organized into notebooks (folders for classes)
  • tagged for sorting
  • shared
  • made public to the world... or your teacher.

It is NOT a very creative app but it does a lot and syncs very well. You can share notes and make your notes public in PUBLIC notebook.

Evernote has many, many, many "other apps" that work with Evernote. Take a look at the Trunk to see them. I do not know enough about them to comment... yet!

The following APPs are on our school iPads and access Evernote.
Well duh of course it saves to itself!
The Trunk
Evernote is its own company and has many apps that save to Evernote. Click on the elephant and see what's in the trunk!
Evernote Peek
Access you evernotes and turn them in to flashcards. The Apple Smart cover or the Virtual one acts as a way to cover or"peek" parts of the "card". However it does not seem to work well unless YOU made you notes that way! There are "Peeks" or "flashcards" you can download. BUT you must log in to get them.
Sundry notes
Imports FROM Google Docs but does not export to it. Dumb.
Explain Everything
Imports and exports pdf, images or project to Evernote
An evernote product that saves to ... Evernote and therefor syncs to all your evernote account.