Remember the point of students using Dropbox is to get files off the iPad - So other students do not have access to them.
Public Folder
Dropbox is not just an App but a website as well. It is great because it will sync with all your devices. On your computer it shows up just like a folder. Put something in it and it appears on all your devices. Many Apps have the ability to save to Dropbox. Below are instructions on how to use a few of the more popular ones. Below that are links to apps that sync to DropBox. There is also a public folder and sharing options.

Remember to LOG-OUT of (or UN-LINK) Dropbox from inside of any app that uses dropbox.

The biggest problem people have with Dropbox is that they can open file but not edit them! It is NOT an editor and never intended to be. It is file storage and viewing.

TEACHERS - If you install it on your school computer... DO NOT put it in in you M:Drive or My Documents. Put it in directly on your C drive. C:Dropbox. Students please ditto. But please do not install it on lab computers.

You can use this LINK to create your account
You will Mostly
be using
that sync to
After you log in to the Dropbox APP you will see your folders and files.
  • Clicking the edit button at the top lets you delete files. Be careful... It will delete it EVERYWHERE - not just from your iPad...
  • At the bottom.
    • Dropbox - shows all our files
    • Favorites - shows any files you have "Favorited". To get it there you must "view" the file. At top right touch the star.
    • Uploads are files you have uploaded from your device. You will use this to SAVE any PHOTOS you have created on the iPad.
    • Settings You should NOT need to change any settings but you could...
      • Be sure UNLINK school iPads from DropBox. Do NOT UNLINK the school account.
  • When you view a document (top right)
    • you cannot e-mail it (e-mail is not set up on school iPads)
    • You can add it to your favorites.
    • You can "Open in" various other apps.
To turn a file in;
If you DO NOT have your own dropbox account use the OlyiPad account. It should already be logged in on the iPad. Save the file to the Public Folder for YOU to download to your computer. Or use the teachers folder to turn work in to them.

If you have your own account will have to go the website to move a file into your Public Folder. (You can still use the iPad!) Log in to your dropbox account, Select the file, Select Move. Chose Public Folder. Now go to the Public Folder and select it, then Select "Copy Public Link". Send that link to your teacher via Canvas or your web-based e-mail.
Most people I know that use Dropbox don't even save things to their computer anymore. You will use this site once you see how well it works. Sharing is awesome too and it has many 3rd party apps such as Drop it to Me... An easy way for student (or anyone to turn get a file TO YOU. They do NOT need a dropbox account! Drop it to me must be used on a Computer Only since the user must be able to "browse" and upload a file. A great way for students to turn work in... Before Canvas was around.
Camera Upload
If you turn Camera Upload ON... Pictures you take on the device will be sent to your dropbox account "Automatically". A sweet new feature - if you like that sort of stuff.
Please do NOT turn Camera upload on on the iPads.

Office 2 HD
This app both imports and exports from not just dropbox but many on-line file storage sites.
Sundry Notes
Imports but does NOT export to. Go figure. However it is a nice featured app and does have a password feature so it is usable in its own way.
Using the Dropbox app you can upload from your Photo library. Remember you can take a screen shot or save photos from the web then upload them to YOUR dropbox account. Any app that saves to Photos can therefor be uploaded.
Plain Text
A very simple. No frill, thrills or chills. Just plain text! saves a .txt file to your dropbox account. Quick and easy.
Explain Everything
A "Whiteboard" which can import and export to dropbox. Import .ppt or .pdf. Export a project to work on later or export as pictures to dropbox. A very versatile app.