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AirPlay is now a generic term used by many devices or apps. Basically it is transferring Audio or Video from your "Device" onto another Computer or Sound System. There are a few ways to do it.

Currently in our new building we are plugging in Apple TV's directly into the projectors via HDMI. Teachers must use their projector remotes and switch to video in order to view their Apple TV or to mirror an iPad.

Apple TV (Product Page) (top)

We have a few"public ones" and some teachers may have their own. You must put in a Work Order to have your Apple TV connected to the GSD Wireless. Or, it won't work - simple as that! There is also one on each cart. BOTH devices (TV and iThing) MUST be on the same Wireless (GSDxxxxxx).
  • The Library
  • The Art Space
  • The iPad Carts
  • Various Rooms
To set up the Apple TV... Set it up as directed below or give me a jingle.. (But... Plug things in where they fit and you should have a good start!)
  • You WILL NEED Apple TV, HDMI Cord, HDMI to VGA converter. Unless you have all these things you cannot use your Apple TV. Our projectors and, wall plates do not support HDMI.
  • Here is the HDMI to VGA converter box. (I buy them at Amazon) But I would rather have both plugs on one side!
  • Plug the VGA and audio out to the "wall" or projector
  • and of course... power.
  • You can also use an "A B Switch" so that you do not have to unplug and plug in each time you want to show your Apple TV or projector. I have that set up in the Media Center if you would like to come see it.

On the Apple TV (use the remote)
  • Go to Settings and be sure AirPlay is On and give it a password.
  • If you chose not to password it ANYONE in the building can access it and display their device or play music in your room.
  • Change the password each period (as needed) keep it simple and you do NOT have to remember the old one. It is NOT for security of the device - it is only for "AirPlay". (iPad 2 and iPhone 4S will mirror while older generations and iPods will only mirror SOME apps and stream audio.)
Airplay icon

On your iPad
  • Double click the Home Button, (Belly Button)
  • Swipe to the right
  • Touch the new airplay button that was not there before and chose the name of the Apple TV you want to broadcast to.
    • This "New" button is the "AirPlay" button and you will start seeing it in other apps that allow AirPlay
  • Also turn on "Mirroring" to show your iPad.
Here is a link to some Good instructions! However, you are not plugging it in to your projector plug it into your Wall plate instead.

Using AirPlay Server on a Laptop. (Product Page)(top)

This is NOT an iPad APP. It is a software program that gets downloaded on your computer. Magically your iPad will then see the this Program! It is installed on the Laptops that are with the iPad Carts
  • The theory is... Unplug your Teacher PC from the projector (Wall plate) and plug the Laptop (using the Dongle) in. Now use AirServer to to connect your iPad to the laptop and your iPad gets displayed.
  • So far it only works on a Mac (Apple) Laptop associated with the iPad Carts.
  • We have not gotten it to work on a PC laptop yet.
  • It is already installed on the iPad laptops the password is the same as the Combo Lock!
  • This is the Dongle for the laptop that should be with the iPad cart. (it is different than than the iPad Dongle.

Problem is that I have no way of locking the Laptop in the cart. So if you want the laptop... Get it from me personally.

Hardwire it (nothing too hard just plug it in!) (top)

Easiest and most secure way. But you are tethered by the cord. You will need a "Dongle" to plug in to the 30 pin connector to the monitor (VGA) cord and to the wall plate.

Pretty much each teacher with an iPad got a dongle also. Each iPad cart should have a dongle and long VGA cable on it. If not... some took it off and left in their room!

There are two dongles in the cart. One for the iPad and one for the Computer. Which one to use? The one that fits!

In our new building you have two teacher stations or inputs to your projector. One in the front of the room and one in back. Use one for you iPad and one for you computer.

Is not an app
Is is an Application that goes on YOUR Computer!

It simulates and Apple TV and your iPad can "AirPlay" to it. It works great. You can even show more than one devide and record video from your iPad!

Your computer must be wireless!